RARE Zimbabwe Tribal Food!! From Giraffes to Goats!!

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    ADDRESS: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
    ???????? BREAD: Mix together cornmeal, sorghum and water. Place it on the side of the pot with water in the bottom of the pot to steam. Let it cook for 30 minutes. Serve with tea/ boiling water.
    ???????? GOAT BLOOD: In a pot, add blood, fat, lungs, some liver and bile. Mix and cook for an hour. Add salt to add taste.
    ???????? GOAT LIVER: Cook liver in a pot for one hour then grill and serve. Add salt to add taste.
    ???????? INTESTINES AND TRIPE: Clean intestines. Boil the intestines for 1hour 3minutes. Add salt.
    ???????? RABBIT: Chop rabbit in half. Remove innards. Lay on braai, add salt and close clamp. Lay on fire for 45 minutes.
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