• VidMedley - A Unique Way To Build A Social Media Following

    VidMedley has been open for nearly 9 months now and we are growing daily with new members joining all the time. So today I want to share a few key bits of information that will help many use our service and get the most out of it. 

    For the most part, VidMedley is a media-sharing platform, much like all the well-known ones we all use daily like SoundCloud, Instagram, and youtube. but where we differ is we combine all these well-known media platforms into one. 

    Here at Vidmedley, you create a c...

  • VidMedley Press Release

    G'day and welcome to VidMedley, after years in the making we have finally done it, We have created the next hit video sharing site. We packed VidMedley with all the stuff you love and then we added even more. So come along for the ride with us, share video, images & Music, like never before.  

    VidMedley will proudly host anyone's content for free. You can even make money from your channel and videos, more on this in future blog posts.

    As a small start up company trying to b...

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