South Australia’s magical world of fungi - ?

  • Gday legends ,
    So after a 7 day ban then literally 30 minutes after it was over - upload a vid and it got pulled and I got banned for 2 weeks ????????‍♂️
    Playing a bit of catch up now , got a bunch of vids I edited and will post them up In the coming days . Lets hope they don’t get nailed again .
    My channel is SHADOW BANED - meaning my videos won’t pop up as recommended after a similar video is viewed, you won’t get notifications when new content is released.
    This channel does not condone or encourage the use of any substances what so ever - psilocybin fungi are illegal to pick in Australia- theses videos are intended for educational purposes and hazard reduction .
    Feel free to subscribe ????
    Big love legends ????????

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