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  • How can we know the dancer from the dance? #DeadInternet
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    The "Dead Internet" theory proposes that the Internet is "dead". How can a bundle of tubes, cords, and clouds be dead? The name is misleading (and maybe misapplied), but it is not totally incorrect. The Internet suffers a unique form of entropy. Websites, data, and users all exist in a social-technological ecosystem many will do not realize. Everyone (even you) are in this box. The problem is: parts of the box appear to be defunct or not available at all.
    The Internet is essentially a game of shadows. Users have to guess at most of what is "there". A problem when most of the modern Internet functions largely in the background. This has produced an eternally repeating cycle around a chain of a dozen "central" websites. The centralization of the Internet has produced a system that does not appear to be there at all. Maybe no one is there anyways...
    Could the Internet just be empty?
    Video Sources (Support the creators/uploaders):
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    - What the Internet is hiding from you:
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    - Video Background Stock Footage Free (technology internet city publicity film ):
    - 2008 - Be Aware on the Internet:
    - Commercials of the Dot Com Bubble | Late 90s/Early 2000s Internet and Tech Company Ads:
    - Technology Network Loop Background | Blue Animated lines Backgrounds:
    - Trillions of Questions, No Easy Answers: A (home) movie about how Google Search works:
    - Neil Postman on Cyberspace, 1995:
    - World Connection Animation, Earth Spinning, Earth Motion Graphics, Loop:
    - Free Stock Footage Digital Abstract and Geometric Technology | No Copyright Video:
    - Microsoft - Windows Live Messenger Commercial:
    - Original Apple iPhone 2G Commercials! 2007 Ads That Started It All!:
    - WHO declares H1N1 official flu pandemic - 11 Jun 09:
    - Reddit Super Bowl Commercial:
    - Introducing Reddit Original Video:
    - Me at the zoo:
    - Chinese Click Farm:
    - Chinese click farm:
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