Reviving Our 4 ENGINE GO KART | 848ccs of AWD FURY!

  • We bring back one of our oldest custom projects, the four engine, 4wd go kart! The four engine go kart is powered by four stock Predator 212s, totaling 848ccs and 26 horsepower. This this go kart is a sketchy ride around the CarsandCameras Grand Prix, but it's FAST! Normally a go kart this heavy with only 26 horsepower wouldn't be fast, but this go kart can do AWD burnouts all day long to a conservatively geared top speed of around 40mph.
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    The following video features activities performed in controlled environments by knowledgeable persons. DO NOT attempt to duplicate, re-create, or perform the same or similar activities at home, as personal injury or property damage may result. CARS AND CAMERAS, the persons shown in this video and ANY CONTRIBUTOR, ARE NOT LIABLE FOR ANY such injury or damage. ALL CARSANDCAMERAS CONTENT IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.
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  • Randell
    Randell 1:17 Ok now why havent you made that X-34 landspeeder into a go cart yet guys kinda feel like your keeping the goodies away from me. i got to see that turned into a goKart
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