South Australia’s BUSH SUBS - 4x4 Back Trax

  • Gday legends , hope ya all doing well -
    Bit of a short one today with not a heap of mushroom footage . Was PISSIN down the most the time . Some big thick bois around today .
    The season is kinda pausing at the moment - we need a heap of rain , but just for the mushrooms but agricultural as well , it’s been one of our driest winters on record following our driest Autumn and summer . Still plenty around but what was around today was dry and old .
    PSILOCYBIN containing mushrooms are illegal in Australia by federal law . Foraging and consuming theses mushrooms is illegal. Theses videos are intended for educational purposes and hazard reduction.
    This area had been sprayed by a helicopter with Glyphosate about a month ago . I’m pretty sure any mushrooms in this area will be sucking with that poison . Please be extremely cautious and aware when in recently logged pine forests as they spray this shit about a month before they replant .
    Thanks for the support ya bloody legends . Love each and every one of you .
    Feel free to drop a comment , like or subscribe ????????????❤️
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