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  • Cardano ADA "Turbo Mode": In today's video we discuss huge Vasil performance results, V2 tracking Cardano TPS, Daedalus Turbo, Catalyst Fund 9 results, Djed coming soon & some reflection on user adoption!
    Cardano’s slow methodical approach whilst perceived by many outside of our ecosystem as a drawback is in fact its most powerful weapon. Not only has this ensured arguably the most secure, decentralized and scalable technology being produced, but has attracted builders to our ecosystem of a very different kind. These builders share the same values of Cardano, taking the same careful approach and in utilizing this ground-breaking architecture resulted in some of the most unique projects that have revolutionary world changing potential being built that are now deep in the development stage. The build out of our ecosystem is going to creep up on many, the failure to look just below the surface to truly understand what is coming is going to take the industry by surprise. See in many cases the projects building here are unlike anything we have seen in all the other blockchain ecosystems. Let the naysayers continue to believe we are a ghost chain with low TPS, TVL and no users whilst we focus on the far greater obstacles we have ahead that will enable us to unlock and truly realise the mass adoption of this technology. Ironically being slow and steady has in fact resulted in Cardano taking pole position from a technological standpoint and is years ahead of ethereum in this respect. With Vasil now behind us we can look forward to this new era of performance speed and scalability, as Cardano turns on Turbo mode lapping the competition has never been made so easy…
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    00:00 - Intro
    01:27 - Vasil performance improvements
    03:09 - V2 & Cardano TPS
    05:30 - Catalyst Fund 9 results
    06:02 - Daedalus Turbo
    10:21 - Ledger Live Cardano integration
    10:42 - ADA Handle
    11:07 - Djed coming soon
    12:52 - Cardano adoption
    14:43 - Outro
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    Lace: (coming soon!)
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    Disclaimer: This Video is NOT financial advice, all topics discussed are my personal opinions or information obtained from my own research. Always remember to DYOR (Do your own research)

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