Selfies : Randell was a security guard oz nightclub

3 years ago

  • randell is a security guard oz nightclub
  • I was a security guard at oz nightclub for a few weeks really cool club, possibly the best gay scene Nightclub in Adelaide it used to be the mars bar nightclub for many years, in fact funny story my own mum went their on it's opening night nearly 30 years prior. brilliant building but nightclubs are a flop in Adelaide, people start them with big dreams but no one buys booze to pay the bills and all the laws on responsible drinking stop nightclub owners selling the one thing they can to pay rent, wouldn't matter anyone everyone sneaks in goon and hip flasks if they are drinking other wise it's straight to the toilets for a top up!. i miss being a security guard and while not many fights at this one club their was so much to see stuff i dare not repeat.
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