The Great Outdoors : Moss on a log photo by Randell taken near Robe

3 years ago

  • moss on a log photo by randell taken near robe
  • Moss on a log photo by Randell taken near Robe
    I love nature photography not just my own :P
    I was on a trip with my brother a 4x4 camping weekend turned into 5 day loving the bush too much to come home.
    Boi did i get in trouble with the wife.
    Anyway not like i was out cheating more like loving nature way to much, i took this pic in this tiny little back ally forest area. it's kinda where you start or end your trip to the 4x4 trails up near robe in south Australia, beautiful spot. and it has lots of great hidden campsites that are just stunning. plus the wildlife is just everywhere. really good place to visit if you have a 4x4 or high clearance sedan. very sandy it's right along the coast, and i think this opens up even more beautiful scenes. i took a bunch of photos of this trip and i posted them to insta @Auzteyr
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